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Rivertec Racing R33 GTR 800bhp Spec

Car 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Maximum Boost 2.0bar
Estimated ps 800+
Tuned by Rivertec Racing Japan (RH9 Tuning Shop)
Status Available

Full Spec
Just arrived from Japan, fully built GT-R by RH9 tuning shop Rivertec Racing only a select number of tuners have been given RH9 status!

It’s been built to be a road going drag car, extremely fast road spec GTR not for the faint hearted!

Owner in Japan has recently spent 5,000,000 JPY on engine and sequential gearbox!

Car has been built by the famous RH9 tuning shop Rivertec racing; it’s a comprehensive build with mind blowing performance… Honestly enough to embarrass super cars! Many expensive and rare modifications have been installed to make this R33 GTR a real sleeper for the road.

This is far from your normal tuned GT-R it’s one of the fastest cars we have ever had in stock, acceleration is just mind blowing.

As you can see by the video even with the sequential transmission it is easy enough to drive at low speed around town.

Vehicle info:
1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
75,000km, (6,000km on built engine)
Colour change from white to purple (no accident history)

BNR34 GTR base engine
HKS 87mm forged pistons
Tomei H Beam forged conrods
Super high balanced crank (10,000rpm)
HKS High lift cams 272IN/280Ex 10.5 Lift
OS adjustable cam pulleys
Topsecret intake manifold
90mm infinity single throttle body
Trust T88-34D (22cm)
Trust external waste gate
External vented screamer pipe
Tomei oil pump
N1 water pump
Nismo thermostat
Trust sump extension
Custom internal sump mods
Aftermarket valve springs
Ported and polished head
Valve guides cut
Naprec oversized valves
Naprec modified valve head
HKS timing belt
Muffler has the apexi ECV controller
HKS mushroom filter
Custom intake pipe
Oil catch tank
HKS hard piping
Trust muffler system
R34 GTR cas sensor

Sard 1000cc injectors
Trust fuel delivery
Sard FPR
Collector tank
Tomei tank fuel pump
2 x 044 Bosch external fuel pumps
2 fuel filters

Aluminium radiator
HKS drag intercooler
Oil cooler kit

Ecu and controllers
Apexi power FC d-Jetro with twin map sensors
Apexi power fc hand contoller
HKS evc 5 boost controller
Techtom meter

OS Giken 6 speed sequential (Over £9,000 for gearbox alone!)
Breather bottles for OS sequential
ATS carbon triple plate clutch (very easy to use)
Rear Cusco 2 way LSD
HKS drag suspension
Rear arms upgraded
Rear upper arm cusco
Rear front arms and bush are nismo
Rear solid mount bush
Hicas cancel bar
Front pillow tension rods

Recaro driver and passenger reclining bucket seats
Defi fuel pressure gauge
Defi oil pressure gauge
Defi water temp gauge
Defi oil temp gauge
Defi exhaust temp gauge
Defi boost presure gauge
Defi rev meter with shift light
Defi link controller
Techtom meter
Nismo 320km dials
OS sequential shift gauge built into clock (awesome idea!)

18” work emotion alloy wheels
JUN front bumper
JUN side skirts

As you would expect with a fresh engine oil pressure is 6-8 bar when cold and 3 bar hot idle.

Water and oil temps run really cool around 70-80 degrees

Sequential gearbox has been overhauled and modified by Rivertec Racing Japan and is very nice to use on road doesn’t miss shift very clean and precise gear shifts. A very clever mod with the gear position display is that they have built it into the standard interior dash clock.

With the high spec drag engine mated with the OS88 Sequential there is no lag between gear changes and acceleration is brutal!