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Garage Essential Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Car 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Maximum Boost TBC
Estimated ps 500 bhp
Tuned by Garage Essential Japan
Status ASKvailable

1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
62,000 km
No accident history
Fully tuned and set up by Essential Japan only 5,000km ago.

All tuned by Garage Essential 5,000km ago, Mechanical condition is like new.

Modifications carried out by Legendary Japanese tuning shop Garage Essential
This is one of if not THE finest example of a modified R32 GTR available in the U.K, the condition of this GTR has to be seen to be fully appreciated and has left my GTR tuners in U.K simply amazed by the condition.

Full engine build less than 5,000km ago
This is not your usual 600bhp spec GTR; it has a well thought out spec using only top branded aftermarket parts. The car features many rare and expensive modifications such as the NISMO plenum as most of you know is the best plenum for the RB26 and the Trust Turbos known for reliability and savage when on boost.

The power plant in this beauty is a modified R34GTR NUR engine which also benefits from many upgrades such as the TRUST metal head gasket and Tomei oil pan baffle to keep the oil in check when cornering hard. Another great sign to show just how healthy the engine is we have 6 bar of oil pressure when cold and 2.5-3 bar at hot idle it.

Cooling side of things have been carefully thought out and using only top brand aftermarket parts, and you can see the effect when driving as the oil and water temps stay very cool.

600bhp specification
Acceleration is truly incredible and keeps you nailed into the seat until you back of, when the Trust T517 turbos are on full boost there's not many cars on the road that will be able to match the performance! What really impresses me is how smooth it is to drive off boost, you can quite easily pop to the shops and drive the car around like a stock GTR.

Brakes and handling
Extremely nimble and feels on its toes and feels like it pretty much chews up any bend on the road with ease. The chassis feels very solid but surprisingly very comfortable to drive on street.

Braking is taken care of by the Brembo F50 front brake callipers and ESSENTIAL original 355mm 2 piece front rotors With N1 brake master cylinder, all this makes for incredible braking power which is more than capable enough for hard track use let alone road.

Extremely clean throughout, one off if not the cleanest R32 GTR we have ever had in stock, even the chassis condition is incredibly clean with no signs of rust anywhere. One of the technicians at TR Racing commented in the 15 years of tuning GTRs it's the cleanest one he has come across and he would have bought this if he had not just recently purchased his GTR! The cars condition has to be seen to be believed.

Again super clean with a bubble and hole free dash! It has been treated to many goodies such as the Recaro reclining bucket seats and Nardi steering wheel gives it tasteful improvements over stock items.

Brand-new RB26 NUR-N1 engine Installed
RB26 N 124 U (Engine block and internals)
N1 piston/rings
N1 Rods
N1 Oil pump
N1 water pump
Engine fully Balanced by Nissan
TRUST metal head gasket 1.2mm
TRUST strengthening valve springs
TRUST T517Z turbine kit
TRUST actuators
TOMEI Pon cams R IN/EX250 lift 9.15
TRUST adjustment type cam pulley
TOMEI extreme stainless steel exhaust manifold
TOMEI extreme stainless steel extension pipe
TOMEI oil pan baffle plate
TRUST clear timing belt cover
TRUST timing belt
TRUST suction kit
TRUST aluminium pulley kit
TRUST oil filler cap
ESSENTIAL oil catch tank
TRUST type R 3 layer type intercooler
TRUST intercooler piping
TRUST oil cooler kit
TRUST all aluminium 3 layer type radiator
ESSENTIAL radiator air reservoir tank
ESSENTIAL radiator cap
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
NISMO 600cc fuel injectors
TRUST fuel delivery line
NISMO bulk fuel pump
NISMO fuel pressure regulator
EARLS stain mesh fuel line
TRUST air lynx x2
NISMO bulk air flow meter x2
NISMO Plenum
TRUST front pipe
KAKIMOTO muffler

Other parts changed at the time of engine build
SAMCO silicon power steering hose kit
SAMCO heater hose kit
SAMCO silicon blow-by hose kit
Brand-new air conditioner (all new parts condenser..etc)

CUSCO Coilovers
CUSCO stabilizer
NISMO A arm (rear lower arm)
NISMO rear upper arm (front side)
NISMO rear upper arm (rear side)
ESSENTIAL rear member collar
TRUST front tower bar
TRUST rear tower bar

Drive train
33GTR transmission
OS twin plate clutch (overhauled)
NISMO stain mesh clutch line

TRUST PROFEC-B SPEC2 boost controller
TRUST turbo timer
RECARO SR-3 all black left and right 2 leg
NARDI steering wheel
NISMO shift knobs

BREMBO F50 front brakes
ESSENTIAL original 355mm 2 piece front rotor
EARLS stainless steel mesh hose
N1 brake master cylinder (ABS less)

NISMO bumper duct
RAYS VOLK TE37 bronze 17 inch 9J+15
Falken tyres