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Nagisa Auto R34 GTR V-SPEC 720ps

Car 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-SPEC
Maximum Boost 2 bar
Estimated ps 700 bhp+
Tuned by Nagisa Auto Japan and RK Tuning
Status Sold
  • Only 65,500km
  • No accident history
  • Built by Nagisa Auto Racing Japan (
  • 720ps specification extremely quick 2.8 Engine setup with minimal lag
  • A lot of work carried out to suspension setup for fast road/Track
  • Nagisa Auto have also made one of the fastest track spec 34 GTR’s in Japan (
  • Full engine Refresh by RK Tuning 2012, Ron from RK is well known for building his GTR race cars.

    Originally imported through Global Auto Japan, anyone who has heard of them will know how high their standard of cars are, they literally search through hundreds of GTR’s a week and only hand pick a select few for their stock

    When Nagisa Auto built this their aim was to build a road going track capable GTR, The result is over 700bhp of road swallowing power with very high suspension and braking performance.

    The benefits of running 2.8 litre instead of the stock 2.6 litre is the extra torque and response you get low down and you can really feel this when driving in comparison to a stock displacement RB26 engine.

    To stop any oil issues it’s also running a Grex/Trust oil pump which is known for being one of the best aftermarket oil pumps made for the RB26 providing this GTR with 6-8bar of oil pressure when cold and 3 bar at hot idle.

    One word…mental! Boost comes on strong from low rpm and when it hits full boost all hell breaks loose! Low boost setting around town is fine and high boost should only be attempted by the brave! The sound is just incredible when the external waste gate starts to vent you can hear it a mile off…this GTR will embarrass super cars!

    Suspension and Brakes
    Many rare and expensive suspension parts have been installed, for example the Mantee suspension arms on this R34 are something to see, even Ron at Rk Tuning was very impressed and said they are race car level. Crux special coilovers give the car a great ride and can be adjusted to suit each driver. Brakes are very responsive thanks to the Brembo F50 front callipers you feel confident stopping from any speed.

    No accident history car from Japan and very clean chassis with no rust, one of the biggest spec R34 GTRs available today.

    HKS STEP 2 2.8L complete Stroker kit
    HKS STEP 2 87mm forged pistons
    HKS STEP 2 H section forging connecting rod
    HKS STEP 2 Forged lightweight full counter crank
    HKS Kevlar timing belt
    Dummy head equipped boring & horning/honing
    Engine block surface research correction
    Inlet and Exhaust ports enlargement processed
    NISMO intake manifold
    ACL Race Bearings
    ARP 2000 conrod bolts
    GREX oil pump
    N1 water pump
    ROSS lightweight crank pulley
    TRUST sump extension
    TOMEI sump baffle
    TOMEI combination metal gasket
    TOMEI PROCAM IN/EX270 lift 10.20
    TOMEI valve spring
    TOMEI valve guide
    HKS CAM pulleys
    SPLIT FIRE Di ignition coil
    NISMO oil filler cap
    BORDER oil catch tank
    TRUST T88-33D turbine kit
    TRUST stainless steel exhaust manifold
    TRUST type C racing external waste gate
    Greddy light weight pulleys
    NISMO engine mounts
    Clear cam belt cover

    SARD 850cc fuel injectors
    NISMO fuel pressure regulator
    TOMEI fuel delivery line
    BOSCH fuel pump x2
    NISMO bulk fuel pump (in tank)
    Professional liner &EARLS fuel line
    One off fuel collector tank

    Inlet and Exhaust
    HKS Super air filter
    HKS front pipe
    One off full titanium muffler

    TRUST 3 layer type intercooler
    HKS intercooler piping
    NISMO oil cooler
    NISMO oil cooler carbon duct
    Oil cooler core additional (the right front)
    KOYO aluminium Radiator
    Radiator air reservoir tank
    TRUST radiator caps
    Carbon cooling panel
    Samco coolant pipes

    Gearbox and Suspension
    Gedrag 6 speed overhauled 3,000 miles ago
    Exedy Triple plate clutch
    NISMO clutch cylinder
    CRUX special coilovers
    AUTO SELECT front tower bar
    NISMO stabilizer
    NISMO front upper link
    MANATEE front lower arm
    MANATEE tension rod
    MANATEE rear upper link
    MANATEE rear lower arm
    Rear member rigid conversion
    Cusco differential cover
    Rear Differential cooler
    HICAS Lockout kit

    BREMBO Ferrari F50 front callipers
    2 piece 355mm front brake rotor
    Stainless steel mesh brake hoses
    Brake master stopper
    10MM Rear spacer

    Electrics and Controllers
    BLITZ DUAL-SBC boost controller
    NISMO 320km speedometer
    NISMO MFD expansion kit
    FIELD ET-S torque split controller
    TECHTOM MDM-100 multiple display

    NISMO front bumper
    NISMO front clear marker
    NISMO side clear lens
    NISMO Z-TUNE specification front and back over fender
    NISMO type side & rear under aero
    BORDER carbon bonnet
    NAMS LED tail
    NAMS LED reverse light/write & back FOG
    ADVAN RS 18 inch wheels

    RECARO SP-G seats
    WILLANS 4 point type harness
    NISMO shift knob
    PERSONAL steering wheel
    SUPERIOR carbon gear gaiter
    SUPERIOR carbon handbrake gaiter