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1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Car 03/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Maximum Boost 1.2bar
Estimated ps 510bhp
Tuned by -
Status SOLD

• 03/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
• 114,000km Genuine
• 500bhp+ at 1.2bar
• TV2 Bayside blue
• Worldwide Shipping Available

HJA are delighted to offer you this beautiful R34 GT-R. Arguably in the best colour ever made for the R34 “Bayside Blue” packed with top brand aftermarket goodies and recently mapped on U.K fuel to over 500bhp.

With the rapidly increasing prices of the R34’s now is the best time to buy, many collectors are also joining in the race to own these legendary automobiles. The huge worldwide demand for R34s have seen buying frenzy’s in Japan/worldwide, to give you an example a low mileage R34 GTR V-spec II Nur just recently sold for £130,000 before any shipping or Taxes! Another example would be an R34 GT-R Z-Tune has recently been valued at £350,000 which really goes to show how highly collectable the R34 GT-R has become.

We have a team on the ground in Japan that are constantly on the search for us but Its becoming ever more difficult to find good examples such as this. The lack of supply of good quality R34’s and collectors coming on board has rapidly driven the price up over the past year.

Exterior has had the Nismo catalogue thrown at it, looks absolutely amazing in the flesh and turns heads wherever it goes. Interior has been kept more OEM style and is in good condition throughout.

What surprised us most about this example is being modified is how easy the car ran and drove,
Oil pressure is healthy 6 bar+ cold start and 2.5bar hot idle. The car starts and idles effortlessly and the clutch and gearbox are very easy to use for street use.

We have had a Link G4 ECU and mapped to 1.2bar for U.K pump fuel, the car runs an effortless 510bhp at 1.2bar.

The V-Cam system replaces the intake camshaft and allows the use of variable valve timing on the intake side whenever the system is activated. Interfacing with the LINK G4, the V-Cam system has been used to maximize the power band for more than just high-RPM use.

Low boost would be enough to satisfy most people’s needs but high boost is just bags of fun! Literally pins you to the seat till you let off leaving you grinning from cheek to cheek.

The R34 GT-R is now extremely sought after worldwide, and is considered the next big thing in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.
Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.

HKS V-CAM step 1
HKS T04Z single turbo conversion
HKS stainless steel manifold
HKS front pipe
HKS external waste gate
HKS Intercooler piping
HKS air filter
Trust Titanium exhaust system
Trust de cat
Trust intercooler
Grex oil cooler kit
Oil catch tank
Greddy alloy radiator
Greddy radiator cap
HKS oil filler cap
Radiator cooling panel

SARD 800cc injectors
Pro Staff Fuel pressure regulator
HKS fuel rail
Tomei in tank fuel pump

Controller & CPU
Link G4 ecu mapped to 1.2bar

Suspension & Wheels
18” Volk Racing TE37 Alloy wheels
Tein coilovers
Project MU disc rotors

Nismo 320km/h meters
Nismo floor mats- new

V-spec carbon diffuser with aftermarket blades
Nismo side skirts
Nismo rear spats
Nismo Z tune front wings
Nismo R Tune front bumper
Nismo clear indicators
Nismo LED Rear lights