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Duke Racing Nissan S13 Silvia

Car 05/1993 Nissan S13 Silvia K’s
Maximum Boost -
Estimated ps 700
Tuned by Duke Racing Japan
Stock ID HJA222

• 1993 Nissan S13 Silvia K’s
• 115,000km
• Manual HKS 6 speed dog mission
• Duke racing street/Drag monster
• Monster 700ps Sleeper!
• Worldwide shipping available
• Running/walk around videos will be uploaded to our Instagram and Facebook pages
• Stock code: HJA222

HJA present to you this absolutely awesome machine built by Legendary Japanese tuners Duke racing. This insane machine produces nearly 700hp on a conservative pump fuel map and literally looks and sounds like it’s just jumped out an Option video!

With decades of tuning experience Duke racing have poured their knowhow into the engine creating a complete fire breathing road going monster, just the idle of this thing will scare most people let alone on high boost!
We have fabricated a side exit exhaust but it also comes with a normal HKS silent power if the side exit becomes too much.

We cannot reiterate how difficult it is to find a PS13 built to this standard/spec now in Japan or in fact worldwide. We have had the car mapped to U.K pump fuel on a Link G4 and it produces 684hp at only 7500rpm without the Nitrous activated, so still plenty left in the tank if more power is ever required.

Duke Racing have kitted the engine out to reliably handle the power hike demanded from it. We have recently serviced the motor and compression checked and it’s a solid 150psi across the board.

The sound of the Engine/Turbo, exhaust and external wastegate is simply mind blowing. Being so highly modified once you get used to the HKS 6 speed dog box gearbox its actually pretty easy to drive around even in slow moving traffic. Its definitely one of the easier driving street/drag type of setups that we have driven.

If you are after a fully pro built genuine 700ps+ capable PS13 then look no further, A small fortune has been spent on this black missile, it would cost more than double the asking price to even build something remotely close to this.

Engine spec:
•The HKS SR20DET 2.2L kit is specially designed for Nissan's SR20DET engine. This kit provides improvements in torque during low to medium speed as required in street driving & drifting. This kit also provides high horsepower output coupled with low frictional losses required for drag racing.

HKS 2.2L Kit consist of these parts;
- Forged piston kit (nickel plated & piston surface has a final molybdenum coating).
- H cross section connecting rods.
- Fully forged & balanced counter crankshaft.

Piston material is specially forged to HKS specifications. This ensures high strength, durability, reliability, and produced to high dimensional accuracy. As a result, this forged piston enjoys tremendous weight savings, and a well balanced part.
Nickel plating is performed on the piston surface which includes the piston ring grooves. This prevents engine knocking during high combustion pressure which will damage the piston & cylinder walls.
The piston is then finally coated with a friction reducing molybdenum layer. This improves piston to cylinder wall contact, and minimizes frictional losses.

A huge weight saving is achieved with the use of H cross-section beam for the connecting rods (Factory con rod weighs at 666 grams, HKS forged conn rod weighs 575 grams, a 16% weight reduced).
• High tensile bolts are used to prevent cap opening during high inertial forces generated at high RPM loads.


The strength of the crankshaft is ensured when the metal fiber flow is not affected during the forging process.
It is a full counter form, balanced to high tolerances where smooth revolutions are ensured. This results in loads being evenly distributed onto the metal surface, and reduces frictional loads.
It is extremely light and strong compared to the factory item, and other aftermarket performance crankshaft available in the market (other aftermarket performance crankshaft weighs at 18kg, factory crankshaft weighs at 17kg, HKS crankshaft weighs at 16kg).

HKS thick metal sleeve for the cylinder wall re-sleeving process to replace the cast sleeve. This is highly recommended by HKS if the engine is tuned for high horsepower output at high RPM loads

• HKS/Duke Drag head system
• Duke custom porting and polishing
• Trust extended sump and baffles
• Greddy intake manifold
• Greddy throttle body
• Trust T88-34D
• Trust External wastegate with screamer pipe
• Trust downpipe
• Trust Stainless steel Manifold
• RK tuning side exit exhaust
• Trust oil cooler kit
• Trust oil filter relocation kit
• HKS oil filter
• Trust drag intercooler
• R8 coilpack conversion
• Greddy oil catch tank
• Duke racing intake pipe
• HKS Filter

• Sard fuel rail
• Sard 1000cc injectors
• Sard swirl pot
• Sard FPR
• Bosh 044 pumps x 2 (Swirl pot)
• GTR Lifter pump
• Custom fuel line

• HKS 6 speed dog box
• HKS clutch
• Front Ikeya tension rods

Ecu & Controllers:
• Link G4
• Hurst line lock
• launch control
• high/medium low boost switch
• Nitrous Express wet system (not currently activated)
• HKS gauges in glove box (Boost, oil/exhaust temp, fuel pressure)

Wheel & Tyres:
• Volk racing GTC alloy wheels
• Front tyres Toyo Proxes (Brand new)
• Rear tyres Toyo R888R semi slicks (Brand new)

• Nardi steering wheel
• Recaro reclining seats
• Tanaka harnesses