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1000BHP Spec Drag R32 GTR

Car 07/1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Maximum Boost -
Estimated ps 1000ps
Tuned by -
Status Available


HJA bring you an exceptionally RARE highly tuned R32 GT-R just in from Japan. If you are after a fully modified Beast from the East it really doesn’t get much better than this. This has to be one of the most highly tuned R32 GT-R’s currently for sale anywhere in the world.

We cannot reiterate how difficult it is to find GT-Rs with this spec in Japan these days. With the worldwide demand for these Japanese Icons the prices are continuously on the increase. We have been monitoring the market very closely over the past few years and we can assure you there is no sign of prices coming back down. Most Japanese owners whether private/Dealers or tuning shops are simply holding onto their stock as they have become appreciating classics.

Start of the build a brand new N1 block was used as the base engine to be further tricked out with only top branded aftermarket parts. With decades of GT-R tuning experience Naprec have poured their knowhow into the engine creating a complete fire breathing road going monster, just the idle of this thing will scare most people (Shakes our showroom!) let alone at 2.4 bar of boost!

To give you an idea of the extent of the build they have installed a HKS Step 3 2.8 stroker kit which only a handful were produced by HKS and only ever used on the very special cars. The HKS 2.8 Step 3 kit was the highest power rated kit from all the HKS series 2.8 series kits. Rated to over 1200ps each part has been specifically designed to do one thing reliably and that’s make Power!

The HKS T51R BB SPL turbo is one of the largest of the signature series & is the HKS flagship turbo, rated to 1,000HP. Along with this HKS engine internals, fully modified oil pan and Cylinder plus a whole host of other parts you really know this R32 has had every top brand aftermarket part thrown into the mix.

Performance one word that springs to mind…. brutal! Once the turbo comes onto boost you enter into warp speed and it ferociously accelerates through every gear without letting off.
The sound of the Engine/Turbo, exhaust and external wastegate is simply mind blowing- it’s quite an experience! We would recommend this GT-R to only those who have prior experience with heavily tuned cars/Skylines as this is far from your average tuned R32 GTR.

Exterior has been treated to a Genuine Veilside Evo III widebody, this really needs to be seen in the flesh as the car just looks so hard and old school. Hiding under the massive rear arches are a pair of 315 Nitto Drag tyres which play a huge role in keeping all that power efficiently transmitted to the road.

The complete chassis has been stripped back, strengthened and painted so its all matching. The attention to detail in this build is something else, from the Custom Titanium intake pipes to the fuel system in the boot everything has been carefully designed to not only perform but be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Interior in classic 90s drag fashion has been stripped out, what we like about the interior the dash has been kept oem an not covered with gauges and controllers. The HKS Camp 2 is an awesome bit of kit which allows you to run all your engine parameters through the stereo display (check the pics)

If you are after a fully pro built R32 GT-R look no further, A small fortune has been spent of this GT-R, it would cost more than double the asking price to even build something remotely close to this.

HKS 2.8L Kit Step 3 (1200ps+)
HKS Step 3 Billet Counter Crankshaft (Handles well over 1000ps)
HKS Step 3 Forged connecting rods
HKS Step 3 Forged Pistons (22mm pin)
N1 block (24U)
Naprec Dummy head Boring
Nismo bearings
Tomei oil pump
Tomei crank stud bolts
Tomei Head stud kit
Tomei Reinforced Head Washers
Tomei head oil restrictor
Internals WPC processing
ATI crank damper pulley
Trust large sump extension
Tomei valve spring type c
HKS camshaft (IN280, EX280)
HKS drag metal head gasket
HKS cam pulleys
Naprec cylinder head combustion chamber processed
Naprec cylinder head ports enlarged & polished
Naprec valve guides
Naprec head/cam clearance adjustment
Naprec Aluminium frost plug mod
Naprec Drag cylinder Head porting and modification
Naprec 100 Drag throttle
Endless surge tank
Veil side One off catch can
Cusco front and rear diff
Samco Rad hoses
R8 coil packs fitted

Turbo and Exhaust:
HKS T51R SPL BB Single Turbo (1000ps)
HKS funnel (not fitted)
HKS External wastegate with screamer pipe
HKS downpipe
HKS Stainless steel Manifold
One off titanium exhaust

Sard 1000cc injectors
Sard Fuel regulator
Sard swirl pot in boot
Greedy fuel rail
Aftermarket fuel line
Bosch 044 Fuel pump X 2
Nismo Lifter pump

Greddy 4 layer Drag intercooler
Alloy Radiator with Electric fan
N1 water pump
HKS Pro oil
Wako diff oil
Wako coolant

HKS 6 speed H Pattern dog mission Ver 1 built by Hollinger
HKS triple plate clutch
HKS balanced flywheel

Nitto 555R Front 275/40/17
Nitto 555R Rear 315/35/17
N1 brake master cylinder
Special order HKS Hiper Damper Drag suspension
R33 Brembo Brake Callipers

Cusco roll cage
Relocated battery to boot
Recaro SPG bucket seat

Genuine Veilside EVO III Widebody
Front bumper, Side skirt, Fender kit
Ganador aero mirror

CPU & Controllers:
HKS EVC 5 (Low boost 1.5 bar, high 2.0 bar pump fuel, Race fuel 2.4 bar)
HKS Camp 2 (Gauges incorporated all into stereo display)
HKS camp2 features (2x Fuel pressure, oil pressure, water and oil temp, Boost)
HKS F-Con V Pro 3.1
HKS Mixture controller (Launch controller)
HKS ETC Drag adaptor
HKS Torque controller
Nismo 320KM/H speedometer
Trust line lock

Stripped back to bare metal/ sound deadening removed.
Strengthened in key areas
Painted shell