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Jing Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec

Car 01/2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec
Maximum Boost -
Estimated ps 600ps
Tuned by Jing Techno Engineering Japan
Status Ask

• 01/2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC
• Grade 4-B
• No repair history
• Total kms 90,300km
• 550-600bhp Jing specification
• Built by Jing Techno Engineering Japan
• Complete engine overhaul at 71,000 kms by Jing Techno Engineering
• Rare factory colour KV2 - Athlete Silver (Only 533 ever made)
• Worldwide shipping service available

HJA bring you this breathtakingly stunning highly tuned R34 GT-R V-Spec. If you are after a fully modified Beast from the East it really doesn’t get much better than this. Fully built Jing Techno Engineering with no expense spared in any aspect of this build.

Jing Techno Engineering based in Fukishima are one of the elite GT-R tuners highly regarded across Japan as one of the best shops to take your GT-R to. They have a long waiting list before you can even get them to work their magic on your GT-R. Not only tuning they have been involved in the production/research and development of many popular high end RB26 aftermarket parts.

Jing removed the RB26DETT engine to install an N1 24U race block with Oversized Tomei forged pistons increasing the displacement to spin the twin Nismo turbochargers. Trust large capacity sump with extra baffle was also installed to stop any oil starvation issues when cornering hard.

Breathing in through the intakes, the Nismo turbochargers blow into the Trust intercooler piping and Trust front-mount intercooler. Sharing space in the nose with a Trust oil cooler kit, the Trust unit helps keep the intake charge temperature well under control.

The stock clutch has been changed out for a 600hp-ready ORC Ogura twin plate clutch. The R34 sits on a set of newly released RAYS 18” Volk Racing TE37SL Forged Alloy Wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenzas.

The paintwork is in immaculate condition and the colour really needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. The underneath of the car as you can see from the pics is also in amazing condition with no rust issues.
An array of highly sought after Nismo aero parts have been installed to not only set the car of aesthetically but also add to the aero dynamics of the car.

The iconic RB26 engine pulls very ferociously throughout the rev range without any hesitation. You can really feel the punch from the N1 turbo’s, it produces low down grunt but continuously pulls throughout the rev range thanks to the specially profiled REIMAX camshafts allowing the engine to breathe/rev more freely top end.
Low boost is more than enough for the road but if you want to hit warp speed at the flick of the high boost button this astonishing machine will leave pinned back to your seat grinning from ear to ear!
Clutch and gearbox are very easy to use for road use, gearbox is smooth and fluent without any crunches.

Another point to note on modified RB26’s the ignition systems tend to be the weak link, JING having decades of experience so on all their big spec builds they utilize their own spec voltage amplifiers and OKADA project coil packs to enhance ignition performance.

With the rapidly increasing prices of the R34’s now is the best time to buy as prices are constantly on the increase. The huge worldwide demand for R34s have seen buying frenzy’s in Japan, to give you an example a low mileage R34 GTR V-spec II Nur just recently sold for over £200,000 before any shipping or Taxes! Another example would be an R34 GT-R Z-Tune has recently been put up for £420,000 which really goes to show how highly collectable the R34 GTR model has become.

With the way the prices are going we believe this would be a lucrative investment if you were to hang onto the car for a few years’ time till they are legal in the USA. As we have seen with the early model R32 GT-R’s once they passed the 25 year rule in the U.S prices practically doubled. We believe the R34 GTR will follow the same trend if not more as they were less in production number’s in comparison to the other models.

The R34 GT-R is now extremely sought after worldwide, and is considered the next big thing in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.

Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.

R34 GTR NUR N1 cylinder block
TOMEI forged pistons 1mm oversize (87mm)
TOMEI metal head gasket 1.5mm
Jing ported and flow matched cylinder head
REIMAX camshafts
REIMAX valve springs
Nismo Bearings
Nismo oil pump
Nismo water pump
Nismo Turbochargers
Nismo Intake plenum
TRUST piping
TRUST intercooler
TRUST oil cooler kit
TRUST air cleaner
TRUST high large capacity sump
TRUST blow off valve
HKS Front pipe
HKS Super Turbo Exhaust
HKS timing belt
HKS turbo outlet
ARC Catch tank
OGURA twin plate clutch
Airflow less adapters
KYOYO 3 core radiator
Direct OKADA Jiing original
Voltage up OKDA Jiing original
Voltage stabilizer OKADA Jiing original

SARD fuel rail
ANSU 700cc injectors
SARD Fuel pressure regulator
Nismo fuel pump in tank

ECU & Controllers
TRUST Profec B boost controller
1.6bar the car makes 600ps on the Dyno
Nismo MFD Upgrade

RAYS 18” Volk Racing TE37SL Forged Alloy Wheels
Bridgestone POTENZA RE03 Tyres
HKS/JING hypermax coilovers

Nismo brake lines
Nismo side skirts
Nismo rear spats
Headlight eye lids
Pioneer Audio
Pioneer Speakers
Nismo 320km/h Dials