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Nismo S1 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Car 11/1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Maximum Boost -
Estimated ps -
Status SOLD

• 1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
• 73,000km Genuine from new
• Nismo Omori factory complete build serial number: 692
• Nismo S1 build date 06/2009

HJA bring you an exceptional R32 GT-R just landed from Japan. It doesn’t get much better than this. Fully built by none other than Nismo Omori Factory Japan with fully documented history. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own a fully built Nismo omori factory R32 GT-R.

The owner in Japan was a true Nismo fanatic, so in 2009 he sent his R34 for a full Nismo S1 engine and R34 GTR 6 speed conversion.
In the engine room is full of Nismo parts, and the result is nothing short of exquisite. Nismo prefer fine tuning and balance over high hp engines, especially when it comes to the S1 engine.
In the mix is also one of the most sought-after Super GT inspired parts: the Nismo GT intake plenum, which goes a long way in equalizing the volume of air headed into each cylinder for optimal combustion.

While Nismo won’t disclose any actual figures, it’s safe to say that with the modern additions its good for a solid 430ps with brilliant response thanks to the R34 GTR 6 speed transmission.

To meet that power Omori Factory has sat the factory Getrag six-speed gearbox on a set of stiffer transmission mounts and added in a Nismo Copper Mix twin-plate clutch. This works hand in hand with Öhlins DFV adjustable suspension and a full line-up of Nismo links and firmer sway bars.

Test Drive
As you would expect from a GTR of this standard it drives beautifully, oil pressure is healthy 6 bar cold start and 2.5bar hot idle and runs silky smooth. Engine running temperatures always perfect and the engine runs like a dream with no over fuel when on boost.

The iconic RB26 engine pulls very hard throughout the rev range without any hesitation. You can really feel the response from the Nismo built engine, it produces low down grunt but continuously pulls throughout the rev range. Clutch and gearbox are very easy to use for road use, gearbox is smooth and fluent.

The R32 GT-R is now extremely sought after worldwide, and is considered the next big thing in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.
Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.

• Nismo S1 engine
• Piston N1 specification
• Piston ring N1 specification
• Nismo Main bearing
• Nismo Connecting rod bearing
• Oil pump N1 specification
• Water pump
• Crank pulley and bolt
• Strengthening timing belt NISMO
• Oil pan baffle plate NISMO
• Turbocharger BNR34 GTR genuine
• Turbo Outlet
• Heat shield tape 50mm NISMO
• Engine gasket kit Genuine Nissan
• Air cleaner genuine replacement type NISMO
• Spark plug Racing type (# 7) NISMO
• Turbo inlet water hose, rubber plug, head cover washer Genuine
• Matched port alignment with manifolds (Inlet and Exhaust)
• Piston and connecting rod weight adjustment, crank and pulley integrated balance

• Nismo intake plenum
• Nismo intercooler piping
• Nismo oil breather separator tank
• Nismo fuel pump
• Nismo S1 ecu
• Nismo suspension arms
• HKS oil cooler relocation kit
• Ohlins coilovers
• Nismo R34 GTR 6 speed gearbox conversion
• Nismo clutch
• Nismo Shift knob
• Nismo seats
• Momo race wheel
• Brembo brakes all round
• 17” Volk racing TE37
• Greddy titanium exhaust
• Under sealed
• HKS kansai rear seat brace