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Avance Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Car 01/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
Maximum Boost 2.0bar
Estimated ps 800+
Tuned by -
Status Available

• 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
• Just in from Japan
• Fully UK Registered
• 73,000km Genuine.
• No repair history.
• Fully Built by GTR legendary tuning Shop Avance, known for producing some of the fastest GT-R’s the world has ever seen!
• Fully Road going 850ps-900ps huge spec list no expense spared in any aspect.
• Worldwide Shipping Available
• Price: £59,995

HJA bring you an exceptionally rare highly tuned R34 GT-R just in from Japan. If you are after a fully modified Beast from the East it really doesn’t get much better than this. Fully built by Avance Meito who are legendary in the GTR tuning scene in Japan. This has to be one of the best all round road going modified R34’s currently for sale anywhere in the world.

Fully built up a year ago from brand new parts by Nagoya pro GT-R tuning shop Avance Meito. Avance are a highly respected GT-R tuner and have built some of the world’s fastest drag spec gtr’s.

Start of the build a brand new R34 GT-R NUR engine was used as the base engine to be further tricked out with only top branded aftermarket parts. With decades of GT-R tuning experience Avance have poured their knowhow into this R34 creating a complete road going monster, just the idle of this thing will scare most people let alone at 2 bar of boost!

To give you an idea of the extent of the build Avance have even installed a HKS T62R BB single turbo which only a handful were produced by HKS and only ever used on the very special cars. The HKS T62R BB turbo is the largest of the signature series & is the HKS flagship turbo, rated to 1,100HP. Along with this HKS engine internals, fully modified oil pan and Cylinder plus a whole host of other parts you really know this R34 has had every top brand aftermarket part thrown into the mix!

Performance one word that springs to mind….Insane! Once the turbo comes onto boost you enter into warp speed and it ferociously accelerates through every gear without letting off. The sound of the Engine/Turbo, exhaust and external wastegate is simply mind blowing- it’s quite an experience!

As the saying goes “Power is nothing without control” Avance have also upgraded the brakes all round to help this black missile come to a stop, also Aragosta coilovers which are firm yet still comfortable for road use were added for extra stability even at high-speed.

Being this heavily modified one may assume it’s an all out drag car, not quite! This is still fully road legal and can be driven on road without any drama and retains the full interior.

Talking about the interior Avance have installed their Custom Avance leather interior package which takes its style from the Z tune but with custom Avance stitching in the head rests.

Exterior has been treated to a number Genuine Z-tune goodies (all with Nismo certificates) such as the front bumper, front wings and bonnet not to mention the 19” Volk racing wheels which give it some serious road presence! The paintwork is in immaculate condition as is the underneath of the car.

Sourcing properly built heavily modified examples like this is really like finding a needle in a hay stack. It’s been a while since such a high spec R34 GTR has come up for sale, so if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.

• Brand new NUR R34 GTR Base engine used for the build
• N1 24U Engine block
• HKS STEP 2 2.8L complete Stroker kit
• HKS STEP 2 87mm forged pistons
• HKS STEP 2 H section forging connecting rod
• HKS STEP 2 Forged lightweight full counter crank
• Jun high flow oil pump
• Nismo bearings
• Avance Dummyhead bored and honed
• Avance Engine block surface research correction
• Tomei 280 deg camshafts
• Tomei adjustable cam pulleys
• Tomei valve springs
• HKS metal gasket kit
• Avance cylinder head Inlet and Exhaust ports enlargement processed
• Tomei head stud bolts
• Tomei crank cap stud bolt
• Tomei Reinforced Head Washers
• Tomei head oil restrictor
• Avance custom head drain mod
• ATI damper pullet kit
• Trust Oil pan with Avance special sump modification.
• HKS T62R Complete turbo kit, only a limited number ever made by HKS and only used on the Top end RB26’s.
• HKS Stainless steel manifold
• HKS Racing External wastegate
• HKS down pipe
• HKS Turbo trumpet
• HKS Exhaust housing shield
• Trust drag intercooler pipe work
• Avance custom 100mm Drag stainless steel exhaust system.
• Endless Drag plenum
• Infinity Throttle body
• N1 water pump
• Nismo thermostat
• Avance custom oil catch tank
• Apexi exhaust valve controller

• Twin Nismo in tank fuel pumps
• 1000cc injectors
• Sard Fuel pressure regulator
• Tomei Fuel rail

• SARD racing alloy radiator
• Greddy Four layer intercooler

Driver train & Clutch:
• OS Tripple plate clutch
• NISMO front and rear LSD
• Final drive changed to 4.11.

• Front Brembo 6 pots front
• Brembo 4 pots rear
• Volk racing 19” TE37SL (new style)
• Aragosta coilovers

ECU/Gauges & Controllers:
• HKS Fcon v-pro Gold
• Defi boost gauge
• Defi fuel pressure gauge
• Defi Link controller
• HKS EVC-S Electronic Valve Controller

• Avance full leather re-trim seats and door cards (Similar to Z tune)
• Momo race wheel
• Nismo shift knob
• Nismo floor mats
• Nismo rear view mirror

• Nismo Z Tune Front bumper
• Nismo Z Tune front wings
• Nismo Carbon Z Tune bonnet
• Nismo side and rear skirts
• JUN rear wing
• Rear diffuser Avance Meito original
• Nismo rear LED lights
• Nismo B pillar covers
• Nismo Z Tune rear arch extension