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Drag Toyota Supra 900bhp+

Car 1994 Toyota Supra RZ
Maximum Boost TBC
Estimated ps 900+ BHP
Tuned by Isiki Engineering JAPAN & PerfectTouch
Status Available

Full Spec
No accident repair history
979 BHP Wheel power so over 1000 ATF at 2.2bar (Produced @ Perfect-Touch UK, On Pump Fuel! on lesser spec engine)
Already ran a 10.4 on the strip in Japan
Full engine rebuild done less than 2,000km ago (only running low boost since rebuild)
Mapped to UK 99 fuel
A separate Map for race fuel will see well over 1000bhp

Modifications carried out the legendary Isiki Engineering JAPAN ( and Perfect touch U.K

This is one of the finest examples of modified Supra's available in the U.K/Europe. Originally Built in Japan by Supra specialists and came with a full drag tuned 2JZ mapped by the legend TweenieRob at 2.2 bar and produced a whopping 1050 bhp atf. After the mapping session Rob took the car out for a road test and the car was breaking traction in every gear bar end of 5th and 6th!!

The car also underwent major cosmetic and mechanical improvements when it arrived in the U.K as the request was to make a reliable 1000bhp capable Supra and carry the world famous Top Secret GT300 bodykit/styling.

New engine installed less than 2,000km ago by Perfect Touch Tuning U.K:
For the new engine spec the decision was made to go for the Brain Crower 3.4 Stroker kit as it is rated well over 1400bhp and known to be extremely durable even under the extreme pressures of completion use, many 7 and 8 second supra's are running this kit. Comprising of a billet crank and forged rods/pistons and with the extra displacement it seemed the most suitable choice.

As you would expect from a newly built engine it starts and purrs beautifully, water temps always stay cool and the engine does not use a drop of oil or water . Since being rebuilt it's only been running 1.2 bar so merely been tickling the engine and turbo.

Well well well ...let's just say even at a mere 1.2 bar it's absolutely savage!! And will make light work of supercars. The sound of the screamer pipe and the full titanium system on wide open throttle is just immense, here at HJA we are known to deal in crazy spec JDM vehicles and this definitely is one of the most extreme cars we have had the pleasure of stocking.

Surprisingly enough can be driven on the road by those brave enough but make sure you have an empty road before you put your foot down! It's definitely a car that lives up to its expectations.

Thanks to the extra displacement even at Static inlet cam timing the response is very impressive for the turbo and the boost comes on allot more smoother than on the old 3.0 spec.

Crowd pleaser...
To say this car attracts attention is a slight understatement, it looks and sounds completely bonkers and driving down the town gets everyone's attention to say the least! A great crowd pleaser at shows and meets .

The choice was taken to install Tein coilovers to make the car more driveable on the street as it originally came with Stillway drag coilovers from Japan which were not road friendly. The car has transformed considerably and is surprisingly easy to drive on street.

Braking is taken care of thanks to the Greddy front brake callipers and slotted discs provide a Very strong and progressive amount of power which will make you feel comfortable stopping from high speeds.

Many big power drag cars are let down buy their appearance as all the attention/money is spent on the engine but not in this case. Well Over £10k has been spent on various exterior modifications most noticeable the Top secret GT300 body kit with carbon bonnet and Sard carbon T rear wing. More subtle mods such as the craft carbon wing mirrors show the attention to detail.

As this was primarily a drag car in Japan the rear has been stripped to lighten the car and ally sheeting has been made one off to cover the boot area. The Recaro seats are very comfortable and the front half of the interior is pretty much stock bar a few aftermarket goodies.

Brian Crower complete 3.4l Stroker kit
94mm stroke Brain crower steel billet crank
C 4340 Pro Series connecting rods rated to 1200+ horsepower and a 9500 rpm operating range.
CP aluminium forged pistons
IN/EX full port Modification
Full headwork done
Custom valve springs
HKS camshaft IN/EX 280 9.3lift
HKS slide cam pulley
TRUST T88-38GK turbine (polished) biggest in T88 series
ONE OFF full titanium front pipe
ONE OFF full titanium exhaust
TRUST plenum (polished)
ONE OFF suction pipe
TRUST throttle adapter
TRUST slow position sensor adaptor
NISSAN INFINITY 90mm throttle body
TRUST TYPE-C high flow Wastegate
TRUST metal intake manifold gasket
TRUST metal throttle gasket
ONE OFF OIL catch tank
TRD oil filler cap
Invo air filter

In tank BOSCH fuel pump
External twin BOSCH fuel pump
ONE OFF fuel collector tank
ONE OFF fuel line
HKS fuel delivery line
SARD 1000cc Injectors
SARD fuel pressure regulator
EARLS stainless fuel line

ONE OFF triple core full aluminium radiator
TRD radiator cap
ONE OFF aluminium radiator upper line
TRUST 4 core intercooler
ONE OFF intercooler piping

SUPRA Automatic final gear
OS GIKEN QUAD plate clutch
GREX 6piston front brake system
2 piece front brake rotor
EARLS stainless braded brake line
Tein super street coilovers

Greddy Profec B boost controller (set to 1.2 bar for street use)
TRUST boost gauge
TRD 320KM speed meter
Re located battery

SAFTY 21 7pt roll cage
RECARO SR-ZERO front seat
custom made Ally panels
MOMO race wheel
MOMO Gearknob

TOP SECRET dry carbon bonnet
TOP SECRET front bumper
TOP SECRET GT300 wide arch Body kit
SARD 3D carbon GT wing
Craft square carbon racing mirrors
Special order TOP SECRET Volks 18" Alloy wheels